Over the Counter (OTC)

OTC cryptocurrency transactions can be completed through peer-to-peer networks or through online marketplaces. Peer-to-peer networks allow buyers and sellers to connect directly with each other without the third party.

OTC Pipezi

What is OTC

Over the Counter or OTC trading is a service provided by PIPezi to high volume traders. Leading industry Experts provide a brokerage service directly support and execute trades outside a public exchange. Slippage. can result if large volume trades are administered on traditional exchanges. Slippage can result in a negative price impact. With an OTC trade there is tighter spreads resulting in the saving of money, maximising profits and no negative price impact.

If you wish to place a large OTC Bitcoin or Ethereum order, you will be assisted with execution, settlement and ongoing support by our industry leading experts. 

PIPezi OTC Features

Personal Service by Industry Leading Experts

Direct access to a leading expert for all trading enquiries. PIPezi provides an all inclusive service to its OTC clients.

Global Liquidity

PIPezi has access to a network of global liquidity providers providing for large volume OTC trades with minimum spreads.

Lock-in Price

You can utilise lock in pricing to eliminate slippage and minimise the risks with high volume trading.

Low Fees

PIPezi charges low fees on Crypto and Bitcoin OTC trades.

Quick and Flexible Settlements

There is flexibility with OTC desk trades, and they are settled instantly. Assets are accessed immediately after settlement.

Secure Account Management

Funds are secured due to the security measures implemented into the PIPezi System.

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