The PIPezi Exchange is supporting Bread - Bread is a unique solution that combines three valuable products into one asset.

A rapid response Compact Food Ration designed to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief during local, regional and national food crisis.

Approximately 815 million people suffer from hunger worldwide, with more than 9 million people dying of hunger each year according to world hunger statistics.1 Globally, natural disasters are increasing in both frequency and severity with food shortages becoming commonplace during these events. 

Supply chain disruptions have now become chronic due to severe restrictions. Conflict related displacement is also impacting food availability, resulting in food shortages and widespread famine in many areas. Food security is now poised to be the dominant global issue in the next three years.

The Bread project

The Bread project is designed to provide rapid and widespread access to emergency meals with the intent to alleviate suffering for the people affected by food shortage events. The concept works seamlessly across borders providing support to aid agencies, sovereign nations, charities and individuals wishing to secure their food supplies or assist the needy. Whilst the Bread system has a broad multifunctional aspect in deployment and operation, it is fundamentally a compact emergency food source with unlimited shelf life.2 

The system allows emergency food stocks to remain on location for extended periods pre-empting disaster relief requirements while ownership remains in digital currency form.

The Bread food

The Bread food is currently produced as a hardened small disc 60 x 21mm in size. They are completely vegetarian and consist of the following ingredients: 

Wheat, salt, water. The ingredients are mixed, compressed, baked and dehydrated producing a hard ‘Unleavened Bread’ that is vacuum packed.

Sale of the Bread

Sale of the Bread: occurs online providing easy access to the global community. Each Bread meal is sold as a smart contract providing complete transparency on a distributed ledger. Most national currencies are accepted for purchases, in addition to tokens such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, XRP, Tether, Sterling, Soap or Coin.

The Bread token

The Bread token functions as a stablecoin while the food remains in storage.

Storage of Bread

Storage of Bread is free-of-charge until the purchaser or token holder elects to take delivery. Bread that remains in storage will be stockpiled geographically to expedite delivery to the end user or token recipient.

Delivery of Bread

Delivery of Bread occurs when the contracts (tokens) are redeemed for delivery. Similar to other online sellers, delivery will be handled by postal services, couriers or freight forwarders (depending on volumes) at prevailing rates. Aid agencies may also provide, at their discretion, distribution points or collection depots for Bread donated or purchase

The Bread (FOOD) token as a stablecoin

The Bread token functions, as stablecoin should, by maintaining a fixed price value at $1.00 US dollar. The fixed price value is guaranteed by the direct ownership of a physical emergency meal with each and every token issued. 

Unlike other stablecoins that have no intrinsic value and risk devaluation, the Bread token always maintains value through the contractual ownership of the emergency meal rations.

The Bread food stablecoin provides a unique opportunity to own emergency food rations while enjoying the flexibility of a stable cryptocurrency with real intrinsic value. The Bread food stablecoin also provides aid agencies, sovereign nations, and individuals the opportunity to prepare themselves for food shortages and assist people in need with a rapid response meal or digital currency for exchange.

How it works

Acquire Bread on the PIPezi exchange using Australian currency; or

Acquire Bread using other digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP

Return Bread back to the exchange for cash or other crypto as required. The Bread symbol is: FOOD

Top Frequently asked Questions

Bread is a unique solution that combines three valuable products into one asset.
1. Bread is a Compact Food Ration (emergency meal) made from wheat.
2. Bread is a digital token representing proof of ownership for each meal.
3. Bread is also a Stablecoin locked to the value of a US dollar ($1.00USD).

Bread Compact Food Rations are purchased online and delivered to stockholding facilities in selected regions worldwide. Purchasers receive their receipt with proof of ownership in digital coin form. The Bread coin functions as a cryptocurrency while the Bread Compact Food Ration remains in storage.

There is no charge or cost to store Bread Compact Food Rations.

Bread coins can be redeemed for Compact Food Rations by completing the redemption and delivery process at:

Delivery times vary according to the quantity redeemed and delivery location.

Bread has unlimited shelf life while it remains sealed in the original packaging∗