Darqtec is helping the project to do the digital transformation and web 3.0 technology solutions.  helping organisations to embrace crypto, web3.0 and blockchain technology.

Our crypto solutions help businesses to accept payments in crypto currency, while our web3.0 solutions allow businesses to create decentralised applications that run on the blockchain. We are excited to figure out how these new technologies can be integrated into traditional business models to drive better outcomes for customers, employees and shareholders alike. 

Our work in this space is guided by a set of core Crypto principles: crypto-secured, privacy-enhancing, trustless interactions enabled by decentralized protocols and applications running on a blockchain. These technologies have the potential to power a new wave of Web 3.0 applications that are more secure, private and efficient than their centralized predecessors. We believe that by building crypto-native infrastructure and applications, we can help move the world towards a more open, secure and interconnected future.

Featured Solutions

NFT Development

Darqtec is a new NFT development agency that can quickly get your next NFT project off the ground.

The team of experts will develop your NFTs based on your ideas and resources, and can base tokens on a whole range of assets. The solutions offered are designed to effectively cater to your business needs.

Contact them today to learn more about their end-to-end NFT development services.

Real Estate Tokenisation

The Darqtec team can help you access global capital and investors by tokenising real estate.

Real estate tokenisation provides a key solution to raising funds for real estate projects without the issue of high interest rates from banks coupled with the difficulty of locating investors. 

Darqtec seeks out Blockchain solutions and technology platforms to allow property owners to easily access additional investors through the tokenisation of assets.

Cryptocurrency Development

Darqtec has a team of innovative cryptocurrency software developers that it works with to help create cryptocurrency coins using the latest in blockchain technology.  Our team has strong capabilities in programming token issuance smart contracts on Ethereum, Polygon, Gnosis, XDAI, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, and Solana.  Additionally the Darqtec team can assist with organising for token smart contracts to be cost effectively audited. 

Get the power to get ahead and stay ahead in the altcoin race and work with Darqtec to support your new token initiatives. As part of the incentive to working with Darqtec your tokens can then be quickly short listed to be also listed on the PIPezi exchange. 

Crypto Exchange Development

Darqtec can help you become part of the crypto revolution through our cryptocurrency exchange development service.

The DARQtec team offers crypto exchange software and development solutions aimed at companies seeking a one-stop exchange platform and cryptocurrency liquidity. They have partnerships and access to a diverse team of professionals with a wealth of experience in banking security systems, cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology.

Website Development

From revamping your current website to building custom designs, Darqtec is available to help.

Their team of website developers deliver affordable websites that can meet whatever website goals you’re looking to achieve. Their creative and experienced team work closely with clients to create functional, eye-catching websites at an affordable price.

Project Management

Darqtec has a team of experienced project managers that will work with you to achieve successful delivery milestones.

Darqtec has workshops supporting branding, tokenisaton, coin creation, NFT strategy development, token economy creation and more.  Workshops are designed to be engaging, and comprehensive to support getting a strong foundation, project scope and clear approach for handling projects. 

You can be confident to know that from the optimisation of current IT environments to developing and executing detailed IT solutions plans, Darqtec supports scoping, helps set clear budgets and works to deliver exceptional results.

Australian companies can also claim R&D costs on their software development work. From the very beginning of starting projects the Darqtec will help set out a clear guideline for qualifying for this potential grant rebate and will then help project manage development and ensure all the correct documentation is maintained. Darqtec can help clients to recommend grant specialists to help with processing claims for the development work and other local costs associated with the project which could be a massive financial help..  

CCIV Investment Vehicle

Darqtec has partners that support helping people to build investment structures that give you tomorrow’s solution today!

The Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle, normally known as the CCIV, is a new type of company that can be registered in Australia from 1 July 2022.

The CCIV provides the regulatory framework necessary to work with the rapidly evolving area of the digital representation of assets on the blockchain.

A CCIV is a company limited by shares, but it is a separate legal entity. Underneath the CCIV umbrella structure, there must be at least one sub-fund. A CCIV and its sub-funds must be registered together upon establishment.  Visit the Darqtec website to learn more about CCIV and to get a recommendation to a delivery partner able to work with you to structure your CCIV fund structure.   Once your CCIV has been established, then Darqtec can further support tokenisation of the assets held in the CCIV sub funds created. 

Darqtec can help turn your ideas and business into an integrated digital powerhouse today! In this digital new age, if you’re standing still, you are moving backwards. Darqtec can work alongside you to help you save money, find the right working partners, help you project manage and be able to get ahead by integrating the best solutions for your needs, guiding you all the way through your project delivery. 

Make a time to book a free consultation to speak to a Darqtec expert today.

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