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How to buy Crypto

  1. Create your Account.  PIPezi provides a fast and secure sign up facility for you to create an account on the PIPezi Exchange
  2. Verify your Identity. PIPezi provides a means for you to verify your account to prevent fraud and comply with local laws.  It only takes a few minutes to verify your account
  3. Deposit Funds. PIPezi allows for credit/debit card deposits.  Using Bank transfers takes longer to clear.
  4. Buy Crypto. Select the crypto that you would like to buy and enter the amount of that crypto you would like to buy or the dollar amount you would like to spend.
  5. Preview and Confirm your order.

How to buy NFTs

  1. Create your Account. PIPezi provides a fast and secure signup facility for you to create an account on the PIPezi Exchange. 
  2. Verify your Identity. PIPezi provides a means for you to verify your account to prevent fraud and comply with local laws.  It only takes a few minutes to verify your account.
  3. Deposit Funds. PIPezi allows for credit/debit card deposits.  Using Bank transfers takes longer to clear
  4. Buy NFTs.  Select the NFT you would like to purchase and select Buy.
  5. Preview and Confirm your Order.

How to buy PPTL's

How to Buy PPTLs Pipezi
  1. Create your Account. PIPezi provides a fast and secure sign up facility for you to create an account on the PIPezi Exchange
  2. Verify your Identity. PIPezi provides a means for you to verify your account to prevent fraud and comply with local laws.  It only takes a few minutes to verify your account.
  3. Deposit Funds. PIPezi allows for credit/debit card deposits.  Using Bank transfers takes longer to clear
  4. Buy PPTLs. Select PPTLs and enter the amount of PPTLs you would like to buy or the dollar amount you would like to spend.
  5. Preview and Confirm your Order.

Managing Crypto Tax

Cryptocurrency is a new class of digital asset, and it is considered to be a form monetary value able to be paid for the exchange of goods and services.  The receiving of and trading of cryptocurrency is subject to taxation and must be declared yearly to the ATO (Australian Taxation Office).  You can be subject to both income tax and capital gains tax depending on how and what activities you have been engaged with regarding cryptocurrency.

The ATO has published guidelines on cryptocurrency and the tax treatment of it in Australia.  You can learn more by visiting their site and reading these – click here  (Tax treatment of cryptocurrencies | Australian Taxation Office (ato.gov.au))

You need to know that that ATO can collect information from banks, cryptocurrency exchanges and other sources to help them identify persons that are actively involved with trading cryptocurrencies.  The type of information collected will include your name, address, ABN, date of birth, contact information, and potentially any trading information recorded by a registered Digital Currency Exchange.

So, it is advised that if you are going to buy, sell, trade cryptocurrencies, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and other digital assets that you keep in mind that you will need to declare your activities to the ATO. You may be potentially fined if you fail to do so.

Due to this, we recommend that at the conclusion of each use, you download the latest version of your account statement, for your own records. Please keep this statement dated at the time of download, in a folder on your computer, or a secure USB Storage Device.

Classification by the ATO

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has classified cryptocurrency as an asset for capital gains tax purposes.

The definition from the official ATO website: “The term cryptocurrency is generally used to describe a digital asset in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of additional units and verify transactions on a blockchain. Cryptocurrency generally operates independently of a central bank, central authority or government.”

The Australian Tax Office treats the buying and selling of cryptocurrency the same way as buying and selling shares. When you sell your cryptocurrency or exchange it for another cryptocurrency a capital gains tax event occurs. If a profit is made on the selling or exchange, the gain maybe taxed. If you hold cryptocurrency for more than 12 months you may be entitled to the 50% capital gains tax discount.

The rules vary depending on whether the cryptocurrency was bought or exchanged as an investor or whether it was used in the same way as Australian dollars, for personal use.

Cryptocurrency acquired for less than $10,000 are disregarded for capital gains tax if for personal use. Professional advice should be sought as different rules apply if you are trading in cryptocurrency as a business or as a professional trader.

If you have a business for cryptocurrency trading profit may be considered as normal income. But you do have to meet tests to determine if you have a cryptocurrency business.

Understand if you are an investor, or a trader?

Knowing how to properly classify your activity is important when determining how you will potentially be taxed. Investors are generally subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT), while traders that are involved in carrying out activities to generate an income as an individual or a business will be subject to Income Tax on their profits.

Examples to help you understand how to classify your activities:

Most persons will fall under the category of Investor, as they may have other regular sources of income and they just trade cryptocurrency as an additional activity to build wealth. Such persons will have most of their profitable earnings coming from medium to longer term gains.  In this instance, your gains and losses on cryptocurrency will be subject to Capital Gains Tax at the end of the year.


Traders can be individuals classified as a sole trader, or a company entity where trading is being done via a trading account held for and operated in a company entity name. To be a trader you need to assess your situation and consider how the ATO will view your activity.  The minimum considerations should include:

The ATO will take an objective assessment of the relevant facts and circumstances support your trading activities. It is important for you to keep your activities separated and properly recorded so that investment activities can be separated from any business activities. It is advised that you clearly separate trading for personal gain in your own name verse trading cryptocurrency as part of a business supported activity. Documentation and notes are a great way to assist you with providing information for a better determination on your taxation obligations. This will help your Tax Agent in determining what and how you will potentially need to present information to the ATO.

At all times we strongly suggest that it is best to check with your Accountant or Tax Agent about reporting your activities.

At PIPezi we have further detailed information to assist anyone that is registered on our digital currency exchange to help them navigate their obligations and to work through and get an indication of their tax obligations in Australia or their country of residence.

We have also partnered with TaxConnect and other services to provide any businesses or traders using our platform with accounting and taxation reporting as well as additional support services.

Our partner ilipa accounts recently launched a product called Tax Connect, which is designed to help improve the tax experience for crypto users. The Tax Connect compliance engine enables the seamless export of relevant tax data for local filing and regulatory reporting. This is a huge step forward in terms of crypto compliance, and it will help to make crypto more accessible to mainstream users. web3.0 and blockchain technology are changing the way we interact with the world, and Tax Connect is just one example of how this technology is being used to solve real-world problems. We’re excited to see what else ilipa comes up with in the future!


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Your Training Solution - Altearnit

The opportunity
is rapidly growing with
no end in sight.


The digital money economy was born in 2009 and has expanded at an advancing rate

200 Million

The global estimated user base remains in its infancy and has doubled in 2021

< 10%

Low adoption position and increasing global market signals significant upside.

$1 Trillion

The transfer of wealth to the crypto ecosystem has begun and attraction is growing.

Our Vision

To be the trusted partner in cryptocurrency education. Providing simple discovery and earning pathways to guide people and businesses as they secure their success in the digital money economy.

Your Training Solution - Altearnit

Partnership with PIPezi

Altearnit and PIPezi are excited to announce a strategic partnership that will provide the best crypto and blockchain education to users on the PIPezi platform. 

Together, we will be offering a comprehensive crypto and blockchain course to help people understand this innovative technology and how it can be used to create a more open and equitable financial system. 

altearnit and PIPezi partnership

By working together, Altearnit and PIPezi will be able to offer a comprehensive crypto and blockchain course that covers everything from the basics of web3.0 technology to more advanced topics like smart contracts and decentralized applications. By providing this education, we hope to empower people to participate in the web3.0 economy and build the future of finance. 

In addition, the partnership will allow PIPezi users to access Altearnit’s unique suite of crypto-related tools and services. With PIPezi’s user-friendly platform, people from all over the world will be able to trade crypto assets seamlessly and securely. We believe that this partnership will enable us to provide the best possible service to our users and accelerate the adoption of crypto assets.

The altearnit solution

What we Do?


We create learning pathways to access alternative earning opportunities within the digital money economy and offer thorough and personalised guidance.


Our approach offers a unique process to simplify the steps to foundational understanding and adoption for all new and progressing participants.


Informed application of their acquired knowledge allows clients to establish digital money income streams with applied risk management and secure their ‘altearnit’ future.


Simplified learning pathways and detailed guides to add earning opportunities as you grow your knowledge


Tailored guidance from our crypto experts. 1-on-1 and Group Workshops ensure you start your crypto journey safely


Transforming industries with Blockchain and Crypto. Discovery and creation journeys for business


Future partnerships supporting specialized education and ‘done-for-you’ services.

The altearnit solution

Piptle Member Opportunities

Academy & Community

Advance your learning with the altearnit.academy courses & coaching sessions at discounted rates. Be a part of our supporting community and stay informed.

Rewards & Proof of Authority

Certificates redeemable for NFTs and PPTL token rewards with PIPTLE. Progress through the PIPTLE Cooperative Proof of Authority levels

Affiliate Program

Partners within the PIPTLE & PIPezi Affiliate Programs and offering generous referrer rewards

Coaching & Subject Experts

Collaboration opportunities. Coaching roles, Pathway SMEs, development of bespoke programs & packages for PIPezi

Piptle Academy

Piptle Academy is the educational hub under Piptle ecosystem, which is for optimising e-commerce and learning about the latest in blockchain and digital currency. Piptle Academy offers crypto courses that focus on web3.0 and how to use blockchain technology. These courses are essential for anyone looking to get into the crypto space and learn about the latest trends in digital currency. 

The team at Piptle Academy is also passionate about education and helping others to understand the potential of crypto and blockchain technology. In addition to offering crypto courses, Piptle Academy also has a blog that covers all things crypto, from the latest news and events to opinions and insights. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Piptle Academy is the perfect place to learn about crypto and blockchain technology.

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Learn and Earn
Learn and Earn

Piptle and altearnit course they will earn tokens

Piptle and Altearnit have partnered up to offer crypto tokens as rewards for completing courses on the Altearnit platform. This is a great opportunity for those interested in learning about crypto and blockchain technology, as they will be able to earn crypto while doing so. 


The courses offered by Altearnit are top-notch and will definitely help anyone who wants to get into the crypto space. With this partnership, Piptle and Altearnit are making it easier for people to learn about crypto and get started in space.

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Affiliate Program

PIPezi Affiliate Program – Join the PIPezi Affiliate and Referral Program and be rewarded monthly for bringing new members to the PIPezi Exchange.

As a leading Australian cryptocurrency exchange, we understand there is nothing more important than our customers. When you bring new customers to the Piptle community we will reward you with a commission based on their trades, which will create a passive income stream for you. 

Become a Pipezi Exchange Affiliate and earn for every new customer you sign up. Be a part of the Piptle ethos of People Inspiring People Trade Learn Earn. The big opportunity that we offer in our Piptle Community is the ability to combine efforts and resources with other members, to be able to earn income through leveraging efforts, and building a distribution network.

To become a Pipezi Affiliate follow the following the steps:

Commissions are paid based on the fees collected

Commissions are very competitive with other Exchanges, and you are able to earn for the life of the new customer – starting from the time of their verification. Commissions are 20% of the net transaction fee received by PIPezi Exchange for new customers. Commissions are paid the first week of the month, straight to your PIPezi Exchange account’s linked bank account.  

Pipezi Affiliate Program – Advertise on your social media and receive cash, USDT or PPTLs

Pipezi knows the importance of Social Media and the opportunity it offers to increase the Pipezi Exchange client base. If you are an influencer on social media then you could earn cash, USDT, or PPTLs for advertising the Pipezi Exchange on your social media platform.  

To be considered for this payment program, you have to have at least 5000 followers on Facebook, and at least 500 followers on Instagram. Advertisements can be through content, articles, videos, or ad placement formats.  

Marketing material can be developed by yourself (with our approval for release), or we have an array of marketing material that you can use.  This will be coordinated between yourself and Pipezi Exchange, and will not detract from your payment of cash, USDT, or PPTLs. 

To find out if you are eligible for payment for social media advertisements please contact us at [email protected] to arrange for an assessment of your affiliate criteria, and a plan for advertising, and payment.

Of Note: SMSF Accounts are not able to participate in the Affiliate program due to legislative restrictions. 

By participating in the Affiliate Program you agree to the Pipezi Exchange Affiliate Programs’ Terms and Conditions.

Learn and Earn

PIPezi Affiliate Program – Join the PIPezi Affiliate and Referral Program and be rewarded monthly for bringing new members to the PIPezi Exchange.

PIPezi Affiliate Promotion

Everyone can earn on all 3 levels!

To celebrate the Launch of our Brand New Cryptocurrency Exchange, we are offering you the opportunity to earn up to 20% commission for the first 1000 registered members from 1 April, 2022 to 30 June, 2022

Be Paid for Referring friends, family and Business Owners

Start your journey towards your Financial Freedom today. By referring people to PIPezi, you earn a commission for every trade they make.  

Earn a Passive Income on Your Referrals

You can earn from 20% or more of the trade fee every time one of your referral’s trade cryptocurrencies. Start referring now.

You can earn in PPTLs or AUD.

We pay you every time you refer someone to PIPezi and they make a trade.
Now how ezi is that?

Level 1

Earn 20%

Level 2

Earn 7%

Must have 10,000 PPTL tokens in your wallet

Level 3

Earn 3%

Must have 20,000 PPTL tokens in your wallet

Earn a Passive Income on Your Referrals

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