Five Businesses that Recently Jumped on the Crypto Train


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Furture trends in blockchain

The crypto industry is expanding rapidly in the new digital era and becoming an increasingly dominant industry all around the world. People have recognised that Bitcoin particularly has become a commonly used currency, that is getting used by more and more companies every day!

In recent history, you may be surprised to learn about the following companies which have recently made the transition to using crypto:


In the world of Spotify, Tidal and many other music streaming services, Grooveshark is revolutionising the way that new artists, podcasters, and musicians can reap the benefits of people wanting to listen to their music. Grooveshark have recently moved to accept Bitcoin through Stripe, and is able to be paid right alongside the major payment methods of Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

Curtin University

Recently, Curtin University of Western Australia have created a PhD Scholarship fund which enables individuals, and companies to donate their crypto funds to help PhD students with their studies. This game-changing development was the brain-child of data scientists from Curtin University, and helps to finance projects in cybersecurity, data analysis, and blockchain.


One of the many platforms people can use to purchase domain names on the internet is the pro-internet freedom company Namecheap. Namecheap are the fifth largest website in the world and as of recently have made the move to allow people to receive a credit on their account by using Bitcoin as a payment method – this is very new to the domain registry industry, with Namecheap being the first to have this implemented.


Joining the travel industry as a start-up business, Travala have been connecting travellers with a large range of places to stay all around the world. With over two million properties available, across 90,000 destinations, around two hundred and thirty countries and territories, Travala are revolutionising the market by jumping on the crypto train! Accommodation with Travala ranges from hostels, to 5-star luxury resorts, with everything in between, including hotels, apartments, and villas. Travala has been noted to discount their prices by up to 40% compared to traditional booking platforms. Book your next holiday with crypto, today!


When the Crypto market took off, people needed new computers, and hardware to make the most of the technology – this is where NewEgg came in. NewEgg are well-known for providing computer hardware for a range of different uses. When they found out that people were using their products for mining crypto – they jumped straight in and allowed people to accept Bitcoin to help finance the revolution!


Considering Bitcoin is so prominent these days, it is easy to see why businesses are implementing its use every day. As we have mentioned, the range of things it can be used for is quite significant, from holidays to music streaming services; purchasing computer hardware, or simply going to uni – Bitcoin is ever increasing its uses to be part of the new normal. Who knows what could happen next! Start your adventures in Bitcoin today!

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